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Gyuri. A Poem of Wartime Hungary.

Whistling Shade Press is delighted to announce the release of Marilyn Baszczynski's narrative poem Gyuri. A Poem of Wartime Hungary. The story of her parents' hardship and romance in WWII-era Hungary, Gyuri is the first book in Whistling Shade's new imprint of romantic narrative poems, the Geste series.

About Gyuri
Gyuri is based on true-life stories and events as recounted by people who had witnessed them before, during and after World War II in Hungary, when approximately 450,000 Hungarians of German descent were expelled from Hungary, deported to Soviet labor camps and to Germany. In 1946, entire towns disappeared with freight trains full of refugees; abandoned houses and farms crumbled into ruins. Gyuri is a young man caught up in this maelstrom; his story is narrated by the woman who loved him.

What others are saying:

In simple language that dances its way through the pages, we meet a young couple whose fate is inextricably bound by time and place. Whether or not one lived during World War II and remembers the grayness that enshrouded the world--days that Gyuri met with laughter and dance--the romance and heartbreak of the woman he loved come through strongly in this narrative poem. Gyuri "draws us in," makes us believe "it will be okay." Handling the true story of her parents with remarkable deftness, Baszczynski's tale of real people is a reminder that each life has stories to be told.
- Lucille Morgan Wilson, Editor, Lyrical Iowa

"Gyuri is a poem that needs to be read aloud, or perhaps sung. The words come together in such a lyrical fashion. Its music draws the reader into the poem and keeps them reading. In the back of the mind play "polkas, waltzes, csardas, tangos / laughing, singing, dancing, dancing." Repetition is used effectively in the poem to drive home emotion, whether happiness or despair. Imagery is enhanced with the addition of family photos, inviting us to become relatives. If I wanted a biography of my life, I would want Marilyn Baszczynski to write it in this form."
- Dennis Maulsby, Past President of the Iowa Poetry Association

Gyuri is available online at Whistling Shade Press and on Amazon.

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