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Some Recent Poetry in Journals (print and online)

"Update with Pears," Scapegoat Review, Summer 2023.

"crash and burn," *82 Review, Spring 2023, issue on Hidden Gems.

"Pears," Halfway Down the Stairs, March 2023, issue on Strange Bedfellows.

"FaceTime Hide 'n Seek in a Pandemic," "self-portraits in mud after sibs visit art center" and "like a game of life," The Flying Dodo, Issue #5, February 2023, issue on Childhood Games.

"I can be whoever," Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Issue #11, Winter 2023, issue on The Outsider.

"Portent" and "Under the Trees," Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Issue #7, Winter 2022, issue on Premonition, Coincidence, Folklore, Magic.

"Approaching Sunset," Gyroscope, Winter 2022, p. 14.

"Storytelling at 7am," The Healing Muse 20, October 2020, journal of literary and visual art published by SUNY Upstate Medical University's Center for Bioethics & Humanities.

"Update: self-portrait," "a ray of light," "dog days' concert," in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 31, May 2020.

"When Writing a Poem isn't Enough",, The Pandemic Issue, Spring 2020.

"On Burying Mother's Teeth," Telepoem Booth Iowa, Council Bluffs, IA, Spring 2020.

"The Legend of a Daven Tree," Semi-finalist in the Ekphrastic Writing Challenge, in KYSO Flash, Issue 11, Spring 2019.

"Gatherer of Tails," Slippery Elm Literary Journal, Univ. of Findlay, 2019: 26-27.

Recent Poetry in Anthologies

"if i could rewind five minutes," and "pears," The Cities of the Plains: Contemporary Iowa Artists and Poets, an Anthology, forthcoming in April, 2024, Paul Brooke, Ed.

"When Writing a Poem isn't Enough", in Masked Anthology, Parrsboro, NS: Black Dog & One-Eyed Press, 2021, Judith Bauer, Ed.

"Morning Prayers" and "On Buying Mother's Teeth", in Conestoga Zen Anthology, 2021, Rustin Larson, Ed.

"Parenting Tartare," Purifying Wind, Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press, 2020, D Ellis Phelphs, Ed.:38.

"The Legend of a Daven Tree," Earth Hymn, KYSO Flash Anthology 2019, Clare MacQueen, Ed.:44.

"The Man Who Feeds Birds," Sunbeams. The 2019 Joan Ramseyer Memorial Poetry Anthology, Brett Ramseyer, Ed.:33.

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